How do I start saving money?

We will try to help you find the best bang for your buck! Below you will find links to a few websites that I have found to be useful in helping my weekly grocery dollar go farther.

Tips for the Beginner Clipper
Sit down with your stores weekly flyer to see what the savings are for that week Circle what pertains to your family's eating style.  Match any coupons you have clipped from your papers Sunday coupons and match up with store specials.  This is a good time to stock up on things that your family uses, will use, but may not be out of at this moment.

David's Shopping Tips
Buy cleaning items at stores like Target or Meijers.  Big Box store's cleaning supplies cost the same per fluid ounce, they just sell at a larger quantity.

Buy paper goods at the Big Box stores.

Where to Use your Coupons
Call your stores in your area to reference these tips.......

    Target- won't double coupons and won't take

                   printed coupons
     Meijers - will take printed coupons and will double all

                  coupons up to $1.00
     Krogers - will take printed coupons and will double all
                 coupons up to $1.00
     Costco - will only take their store coupons

Share your unclipped coupons Sunday paper inserts with your neighbors!  Odds are there will be some that you use and there will be some that you don't use, that your neighbors just might. And as a bonus, you may learn about new products or things to try with this new savings community.

Printable Coupon Website Links

Coupon Site that lists what is on sale by State and by Store. Also has links to printable coupons.
Coupon Code Website Links
Website to download a guide on how to save with coupons

This site allows you to by gift cards from restaurants at a discounted price.


Want going to the movies to pay for itself?

Join your favorite movie theater club!  Each dollar you spend on  tickets and concessions goes towards future purchases.  You may get a free popcorn, drink, or admission depending on the theater's club. I make sure that when my children go to the movies, I give them my card.  It is well worth it. Check it out!

Become your own repair man.

(Updated September 29, 2009)

Are you a DIY (do-it-yourselfer)? An easy way to save some money is fixing things around your house including appliances that can cost you up to $100 for just a service call plus the part. A great site I was told about is  My husband and I have fixed several appliances around the house.  We fixed the pump on our refrigerator's indoor water dispensor, washing machine pump, heating coil on our stove, and lastly the garbage disposal.

The site is incredibly user friendly. You select the appliance that is having the problem.  You can either do it by the diagram or along the side by selecting menus that walk you right through to the process.  You select the description that best describes your problem and it gives you several solutions to what  may be the cause.  You are also able to purchase the parts that may be needed to fix your problem right from this website.  There is also areas on the site that will walk you through the actual process to replace your broken part if you are not able to figure it out yourself!

I found that their prices were really reasonable.  I encourage everyone to look into this if you have a problem and you want to tackle it yourself.


Findings in your local library

(Updated Septmeber 24, 2009)


Free DVD Rentals of Current and Old Releases

Did you know that your local library also gets DVD's that have just been released on the same day they are available in stores or on Pay-per-View? At my local library they are. You can only rent them for 24 hours, but hey, they are free!

 Free Tickets with

The Museum Adventure Pass (MAP) program

This is a wonderful program  through your local library (at least in the Detroit area)  where you can check out passes to local museums -- for free.  Different museums offer differing numbers of passes given out per family.  A great way to explore our great city with only the gas in your car as your cost.


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