What Should I Read Next?


Need more help in what to read next?

Just came across this website, whatshouldIreadnext You plug in a title of a book you really enjoyed and the author, this website generates a list of reads you might be interested in.


Grandma's Book Club for Children 

This is a new book club created by Linda Grekin, a retired Hillel Day School librarian.  She has created a book club that really can be used for anyone who wants to get involved in a child's life in a new and inventive way. She has chosen books, by a variety of children's authors, geared for kindergarten through second grade aged children, and then who will discuss the content of those books with the adult they are doing the book club with.  Mrs. Grekin has created a pamphlet with language arts, math, science and social studies activities for each book, as well as a sheet of talking points. For more, click here.


 Books of the Month 

This bookspans the life of Aminata Diallo, born in Bayo, West Africa, in 1745. The novel opens in 1802, as Aminata is wooed in London to the cause of British abolitionists, and begins reflecting on her life. Kidnapped at the age of 11 by British slavers, Aminata survives the Middle Passage and is reunited in South Carolina with Chekura, a boy from a village near hers. Her story gets entwined with his, and with those of her owners: nasty indigo producer Robinson Appleby and, later, Jewish duty inspector Solomon Lindo. During her long life of struggle, she does what she can to free herself and others from slavery, including learning to read and teaching others to, and befriending anyone who can help her, black or white. Hill handles the pacing and tension masterfully, particularly during the beginnings of the American revolution, when the British promise to free Blacks who fight for the British: Aminata's related, eventful travels to Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone follow.

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