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Help working at home

Wanting to work from home but you do most of your work on your at work computer?  My friend Gregg told me about this website How it works.


  • Register at on your work computer
  • Select to Free Trial (You don't need to pay, just keep using the trial.)
  • Download the software and designate this as the "Host" computer.
  • At home, login to
  • Download the software and designate this as the "Remote" computer.


As long as your computer is on (the internet does not need to be logged into), you will be able to remotely use your work computer.  This allows you to see your entire desktop.  There is also a way to see your work computer full screen so your "remote" desktop is really your work desktop.


How to save money on items that you buy off the internet?

~Part 1~

The trick is your search engine!  Follow these easy steps to get more savings......

  • Search for an item that you are interested in on the manufacturer's website ie; the style number of a favorite item or a part number for your dryer that needs to be replaced. 
  • When the part number comes up on the site, take note of the price. 
  • Next, highlight and copy the part number and paste that into your search bar of your browser. 
  • Hit the enter button and see all the different sites with that same part and odds are you will find it for less.
    1. /DIV> I searched a part that we needed for our dryer.  I went to the manufacturer's website that made my dryer and I figured out which part needed to be replaced.  I then copied this part number and searched it.  I was able to save 40% on the part by going to another website for the same exact part.  I have even gotten free shipping on some sites, and if they are not located in your state, no tax is paid.  I have done this several times and have saved any where from 20% - 50% on parts.  Try it and you will be amazed at what is on the internet.

       ~Part 2~

      Once you have found what you wanted for the price you want to pay, now let’s see if we can get what we want for even less. 

      1. Open a new window on your browser.
      2. In the search bar, type in “coupon code for name of store”.  Many times, further incentives like free shipping will be offered.
      3. When the code comes up, copy and past where the coupon code needs to be inserted in the “Check Out” page of the site you are shopping.
      4. Often there is a button that says “Apply” to activate the discount.  

      Good luck on getting that deal!

      (This tidbit given by Sarah L., Royal Oak, Mi)

      ~Part 3~

      As listed above in Part 2 about searching for coupon codes,  I found a website that gives lists of coupon codes for online shopping at most major online stores.Click here



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